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Steve Jobs said, "Coming in and making recommendations and not owning the results, not owning the implementation I think is a fraction of the value and a fraction of the opportunity to learn and get better. And so, you do get a broad cut at the companies but it’s very thin, it’s like a picture of a banana, you might get a very accurate picture but it’s only two dimensional."
This summarizes our philosophy - we own your problem and think long-term to solve it with you.
  • Our first step is establishing a shared understanding of your compelling need.
  • This can mean a pair of developers for one sprint, or multiple cross-functional teams for an extended period of time.
  • You will always have a dedicated Tech Lead and Account Manager who are responsible for ensuring the delivery of your desired outcomes.
  • In the early stages of any engagement, our people are available to be co-located with your teams to build trust and social capital.
Remote local teams
We integrate with your existing distributed development practices and supply added development capacity.
Distributed partners
We iteratively work together to develop a low risk approach to build and experiment with distributed development capability.
Software product delivery
We carve off independent pieces of work to solve complex technical problems and drive business outcomes.

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We help you confront the complexity with technology, practices and faster experimentation.

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