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We love building technology that changes the world and positively impacts people’s lives. Our expertise in product, design and engineering is the key to innovating and building products.

Partner with us through your innovation journey

You want new business ideas and strategies at the intersection of desirability, viability and feasibility. Explore holistically and  uncover all your blind spots
  • Discovery research
  • Future ideation workshop
  • Prioritisation workshop 
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You’ve got the ideas but you have limited capacity, so you want to invest only in ideas that will work from the customer and business lenses. (And more importantly, discard the ones that not)
  • Conceptualisation
  • Assumption mapping
  • Experiment build
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You’ve got an idea ready and you want to grow it. Build to learn, continuously discovering, testing and adapting to business and customers, to the point you’re ready to exploit it
  • Product build
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Discovery illustration


Understand your target audience and identify key frictions, so you can transform it into innovation opportunities.

Ideation illustration

Ideate the future

Generate innovative ideas around your problem space at the intersection of customer needs, market opportunities and tech enablement.

Prioritisation illustration


Prioritise ideas through the lens of desirability, viability and feasibility, ensuring focused investment on the ones that matter.

Intersection of desirability, feasibility and viability


Sharpen your value proposition  and conceptualise your product from the intersection of desirability, feasibility and viability.

mapping assumptions

Assumption mapping

Identify and map the assumptions behind your ideas, and ideate experiments to validate them before further investment.

experimentation framework

Experiment build

Experiment in the market with low or no code, to ensure your investment is focused on impact and validated results and achieve product-market fit.

build in the intersection of design, engineering and product

Product build

Our cross-functional teams efficiently and effectively design and build your product from idea to market. From concept to deployment, and beyond, we are obsessed with continuous discovery, learning and innovation. We partner with you to de-risk your investment, with a focus on impact, at every step of our journey.

Product build
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Binaryflakes Software Private
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No.3265, 8th Cross, 11th Main,
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We don't have an office (yet)
but we have some peeps there


We don't have an office (yet)
but we have some peeps there

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