Engineering starts with security

Security is a journey, not a destination. It is the process by which we measure, analyse and address risks and flaws in systems we maintain.

Adopting a security mindset ensures that applications and networks are designed with security controls appropriate to your business context.

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Audit findings create a backlog of work to be done.

We can help you in the creation and prioritisation of this backlog, whether you are aiming to tackle it internally or through an external partner.

Backlog creation

Sustainable secure development requires deep collaboration between engineers across all aspects of the environment, operations and application lifecycle.

If you're looking to verify your security and ways of working with a human centered viewpoint, we're the people you're looking for.

Compliance implementation

Need help doing the heavy lifting on your journey towards ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, PCI, HIPAA or SOC compliance?

We can help by taking on the implementation effort, whether that be network infrastructure, application architecture or addressing known issues in your code.

What we're good at

Network security
Protect the flow of information in your network. We can help you with firewall configuration, cloud security, network access control and VPN implementations.
Application security
Secure your application against common failures such as broken access control, code injection, misconfigured security controls, and common code errors.
Secure dev processes
Sound development practices combined with automated, hands-off software build pipelines that ensure that the code developers write is the code that ends up in production.
Cloud security operations
Monitoring and operational processes are critical the long term security and stability of applications. We can help you leverage tooling and automation to build or uplift your cloud infrastucture to be a secure, built to operate, production environmentoverhead and downtime.
Security tooling integration
Identify common flaws in your network and application, including security defects in third party dependencies and platform tools.
Penetration testing
Simulated attacks on your networks and applications to identify weaknesses. Minimise your attack surface by running automated tests targetting the OWASP Top Ten and other common weaknesses.

Why work with us

If you're looking to take a human-centric approach to security instead of the usual stuffy compliance bureaucracy then we might be your team.

Everest Engineering engagements are highly collaborative. We'll start with a couple of introductory calls to gain an understanding of your goals and to establish scope. If we feel we're the right fit then we'll  seek to embed our teams with yours to foster communication and to establish a true partnership approach.

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We don't have an office (yet)
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We don't have an office (yet)
but we have some peeps there

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